What's it like travelling the world to speak at tech conferences?

It's fascinating, extremely fun, and EXHAUSTING. You all know the perks of travel and how rewarding it can be to explore the world. So I'll tell you what most don't. Here are the major CONS of travelling this much:


Conferences usually pay in full for my airfare (or reimburse me afterward), but that doesn't mean I'm flying first-class! Conferences have budgets too, so when that's the case, especially if it's a community-run, non-profit conference, I'm usually flying economy. That may not be so bad for domestic flights, but anything longer than 6 hours or flying to Europe is real tiring. Add onto that the usual annoyances of airports, people with no travel etiquette, etc. and traveling so much is suddenly not so glamorous!


My conference season is finally over, but phew! did it take a toll on my body! Going back and forth between Europe and even the East Coast has messed with my internal clocks so much, that I'm still trying to get over it! I stay up til 3 or 4am even though I need to sleep and I don't wake up until 11 or 12 the next day, effectively making me feel like I've wasted valuable time. Additionally, my appetite is all funky. I eat, eat A LOT, and eat at normal local times now that I'm back home, but feel like I haven't eaten anything at all. It takes a while for everything to sync back to normal and going through those effects are not much fun.


Despite learning what my TRUE essentials are (😂), it can get annoying to be living out of a suitcase. This is exacerbated if I don't have a free washer to make use of and I'm staying for longer than a week. At this point, it becomes a value proposition game. Do I pay more to check in an extra bag that's larger (with the disadvantage of having to wait for it and travel with it)? Do I spend the atrocious $4 a garment to use the hotel's laundering facilities? If I forgot something, do I buy another one? These are all issues that became more prominent for me as I started to travel to more tech conferences.


This may not be a con for many of you, and I do enjoy exploring on my own, but there's just something about exploring the world together with my husband. I get to make memories with him, experience something new, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of exploring a place with someone I love, but I don't get to do that at conferences (not yet at least!). This also means I spend less time with him overall and I miss him a lot.


There are itineraries that have me jet setting from one place to another in a short span of time and that really burns me out. This just happened with my conferences in Berlin, Germany and Richmond, Virginia; I had to visit both places within the span of a week! Sometimes, it's so bad that I end up skipping some speaker dinners or events because I just want to fall into my hotel bed and SLEEP! I hate this, though, because I miss out on meeting other speakers, enjoying exclusive events prepared especially for us, and just feel like I "waste" time in a new place instead of spending every second enjoying and exploring!

And there's the truth! These cons make me yearn for weeks of just doing NOTHING and for normal days of laying in bed, working on my laptop, and having that Japanese City Pop medley playing on YouTube in the background! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE travelling the world and sharing my knowledge at all of these tech conferences...I just want to be more transparent about what you don't see ;)

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